Marina Berthing

Marina Berthing

Windermere Quays have extended the floating pontoons to increase the size of the marina to 260 berths, some of which can accommodate boats up to 20 meters in length. We have been able to do this whilst maintaining the berths generous spacing to allow ease of manoeuvring when entering or leaving the mooring.

All pontoons are floating so that they rise and fall with the water level, this means that the boats do not have to have their mooring ropes adjusted to compensate for the levels of the lake.

The Piles holding the pontoons in position are deeply embedded into the lake bed and are of sufficient height to allow the pontoons to rise sufficiently to hold fast in any anticipated flood.

Thanks for this redevelopment, completed in 2018, and our extensive facilities we believe that Windermere Quays is able to offer the best flood and storm protection on the lake

For your safety all pontoons are lit at night with a mixture of LED lights both at foot level and waste high at the top of the service pedestals. These pedestals contain the 16 Amp (blue socket) electrical supplies with circuit breakers and meters for each berth and conveniently placed portable water taps are placed at intervals along the jetties. In our deeper berths there are 32 Amp sockets to suit the larger luxury cruiser.

As part of our facilities we have a berthing maintenance engineer on constant duty on the pontoons checking that they remain top of line. He also examines each boat

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